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@zettlr On an adjacent topic and maybe related to the Codemirror update: Any plans for reworking the spell check/adopting the system spell check? Having to manually build a dictionary when writing (in German in my case) is not the greatest experience.

Still love Zettlr, tho!

2022-08-28 19:16

Alt.-news use part. mediated the relationship between counter-hegemonic attitudes and misinfo recall. Not all content in alternative counter-news is “fake”, but these outlets attract a counter-hegemonic audience and contribute to the “pollution” of the information ecosystem.

2022-08-16 10:42

The random-quota survey in Germany (N = 967) confirmed that those with higher levels of conspiracy mentality and lower media trust were more likely to use alternative counter-news and alternative counter-news users recalled more misinformation than non-users.

2022-08-16 10:42

Our paper on Alternative Counter-News Use just got published at @djeditorialteam!

Short 🧵 on what we found:

2022-08-16 10:42

@chainsawriot If you ever find a good solution for that, please share. That moment of regret after hitting enter and knowing that R will unsuccessfully try to print 10MB of text is the worst.

2022-08-10 09:54

@mspro Klingt ein bisschen wie, wenn Studierende nicht für die mündliche Prüfung gelernt haben und die Zeit mit einer Antwort füllen wollen, obwohl sie die Frage nicht mal verstanden haben.

2022-08-06 20:46

@ChristianFuchs_ @mogelpony @zeitonline @DIEZEIT @chrdr @ncoenenberg @foodwatch_de @greenpeace_de @FridayForFuture Ich hab Kokosmilch gar nicht im Artikel finden können? Übersehe ich was?

2022-06-08 18:54

Lieber Mittelbau!

Im Rahmen der kommenden DGPuK-Methodentagung (5.–7.10. 2022) haben wir vom Mittelbaunetzwerk Methoden ein Workshop-Event geplant! Mit Inputs von @cbpuschmann und @th_ges rund um das Tagungsthema: Datensammlung für die Inhaltsanalyse.

2022-06-08 08:51

Ihr könnt euch bis zum 15.08. kostenfrei anmelden (Link im Call).

Die Deadline zur Einreichung für die Jahrestagung der Methoden FG ist übrigens auch schon nächste Woche!…

2022-06-08 08:51

Well, what can you do? #ica22

2022-05-29 11:32

My colleges @Lenafrescamente and Lena Clever (and @Tim_Wildschut, @WimTulf and Constantine Sedikides) build a classifier to recognize nostalgic elements of texts and applied this classifier to the online communication of German political parties. #ica22

2022-05-29 08:09

In her presentation on the state of the current literature on conspiracy theories, @daniela_mahl highlights the need for a more robust conceptualization on the phenomenon. Great and much needed work! #ica22

2022-05-29 06:19

If you don’t have your #ica22 sunday planned, I got some sessions to recommend! At 9:30 am, @Lenafrescamente presents a paper on Populists Reliance on Nostalgia and at 2 pm I’ll present our work on linking alternative news use with conspiracy endorsement.

2022-05-29 05:34

@kkvk7 @lauralindal @gvnordheim That sounds like it would have been right up my alley! Are there any slides or a link to a paper that you could share with me? I attended another great session on linkage studies that was in parallel to your panel, so I couldn’t make it.

2022-05-28 10:14

A lot of things to think about after that opening plenary of #ica22, but I guess my main takeaway is that I should get my hands everything @safiyanoble published.

Starting with this one:

2022-05-26 22:17

@hackingcommsci @ica_cm @ICA_CSaB @icahdq Thank you for a fun and productive two days!

2022-05-26 16:03

@lauralindal I always felt seen by this gif:

When you show your cool new pipeline to your colleague the first time and it just inexplicably fails.

2022-05-24 14:43

@indiiigosky I’m afraid the compliance API doesn’t differentiate between the two. Account suspension is recorded, but not for individual tweets.

2022-05-17 18:10

btw: If you are going to #ica22 in Paris, you can join me in a short Tool Demo where I present the package and get a bit deeper into how it works and what kind of research you can do with it.

The session is definitely worth visiting (even on Monday afternoon!)

2022-05-17 14:46

1: Sharing data is a vital part of #openscience. As you often only share tweet ids that other researchers have to rehydrate, it's important to communicate what share of tweets *can* be rehydrated. This also can give others a better understanding of the analyzed data.

2022-05-17 14:46

2: Being aware of the deletion of content in historical datasets can aid the study of the sampling biases introduced by unavailable content. Research has shown that certain content can be over-/underrepresented in historical data (e.g. hate speech gets deleted at a higher rate).

2022-05-17 14:46

This package is the software companion piece to a forthcoming article in this book:… edited by @jajuenger @UGochermann @Bachl & @grissib.

2022-05-17 14:46

Ok cool plots aside, why should you care about tweets that *you* have saved but are not available through the API? There are at least two reasons: a transparency reason and a methodological reason:

2022-05-17 14:46

In just three lines of R-code you'll get an easy to report paragraph on the availability status of tweets/users and some cool plots!

Check out the Example Usage in the README:

2022-05-17 14:46

I just released the first public version of my R-package `twCompliance`. You can use it to check if/why tweets (or users) are unavailable through the API (suspension, deleted tweets, deactivated accounts, etc).…

2022-05-17 14:46

“What a time to be alive” #dalle2

2022-05-17 07:50

@mipstian Hell yeah! When can we expect this arrive in the app/block list?

2022-05-16 17:20

Auch hier im Hörsaal hängen alle ganz gebannt am Livestream aus Schloss der @WWU_Muenster. Oliver Welke und @Lenafrescamente diskutieren moderiert von Norbert Robers über den #DigitalServicesAct, die Verantwortung von Plattformen und wie wir unsere Diskursräume gestalten wollen.

2022-05-16 15:54

Weil die Aula üppig ausgebucht ist, sehe ich @Lenafrescamente und Oliver Welke gleich im Livestream aus dem Hörsaal! Es geht um die Herausforderungen und Chancen medialer Partizipation und wird sicher sehr spannend!

2022-05-16 14:51

@cbpuschmann True, but I must admit, across() has kinda grown on me.

2022-05-11 10:40

@cbpuschmann The bad thing is, when those students spend a couple of years with R, they’ll think “huh, that looks kinda reasonable!” when they find that answer.

2022-05-10 21:47

@nichtschubsen Ich finde es auch so absurd. Haben die Leute das nicht mitbekommen? Oder ist denen einfach alles egal?

2022-05-07 21:41

Great piece by @nytimes on Tucker Carlson's rhetoric:…

This could easily be the intro to any seminar on populist and conspiracy theorist rhetoric.

2022-05-03 10:49

Eine Dekade alt und einfach immer korrekt:

2022-04-28 12:54

Because everybody is doing it and FOMO is a good motivator, here is my #Mastodon account:

2022-04-25 20:54

@mspro Würde mich nicht überraschen wenn du den Link auch schon geteilt hast, aber das hier ist ein spannender Thread von @yishan (Ex-Reddit CEO) warum solche Plattformen wie Twitter eigentlich gar keinen Spaß machen, wenn man sie selbst managen muss.…

2022-04-25 19:44

@Tobias_Keller I agree that its a kind of conspirational thinking to assume that platforms actively implement censorship measures against their political enemies (at least on larger platforms, probably a different story for Truth Social etc).

But this idea of apoliticism is too reductive, imo.

2022-04-15 22:11

@Tobias_Keller Super interesting read, thanks for sharing! There’s a lot of stuff I agree with there, but I’m not sure his take that social media platforms generally “don’t care about politics” is accurate.

2022-04-15 22:03

I assume "unlocking its potential" means putting Twitter on a blockchain so that every tweet automatically becomes an NFT.…

2022-04-14 10:41

Honestly, I’d like to see that happening. Things would go downhill so quickly that people might migrate en masse to other places (maybe @joinmastodon?)…

2022-04-14 10:37

Dear @tapbots and @CastroPodcasts: I noticed a weird display bug that seems to be an iOS issue, as it affects both your apps.

In the summary descriptions of episodes and in quoted tweets, the text gets repeated over two lines in a weird way.

2022-04-07 18:13

@FoldableHuman Hot take incoming: Tastes differ a lot between people. I’ve had vegan stuff recommended for me by omni friends/family that I did not get at all (and vice versa ofc).

I don’t know the US-market well, but in Germany there are a bunch of (very different) vegan nuggets et al.

2022-04-03 18:53

@laola_90 Glückwunsch! 🍾

2022-03-09 14:31

If that sounds like a good fit to you, definitely submit your work! The publishing process with @CogitatioMaC is smooth and they offer great support.…

2022-03-08 11:27

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