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August 2016

jonrog1 Don't want to oversell Trump's inhumanity today, but he was then angry& confused when asked why he wouldn't help the tortoise in the desert

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RT @DrNeilTyson: .@SciencePorn Haha, it's funny because women did all the calculations that actually got men to the moon

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@mspro +1 für Overcast. Kapitelmarken, gute UI, rundum gelungen.

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@SupertopSquid I just bought Castro 2, it’s a great app! One question though: Will there be support for chapter marks?

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kochkunstEbooks Der Zucker ist Nahrungsmittel und Genußmittel; kein Mensch kann ohne Sauce angerichtet.

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strassennamen Freyung | osm.org/go/0JrJCzFDV-?…

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TheDreamGhoul [plant facts!!]
bananas are technically berries
almonds are seeds
avocados are mammals
most cucumbers are haunted
potatoes aren't even real

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